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Manpower Agency in India

With several decades of combined consulting experience in talent acquisition, we are the right partner to find you the people you need to reach the goals you desire. We are consistently ranked as the best manpower agency by our clients.

Empowering your business.

Industry-leading Social Sourcing Strategy

The recruiting process has evolved significantly owing to the advances in modern technology. It has been observed that millennials are the largest share of the workforce in most parts of the world. According to Jobcast, 42% companies have reported an exponential increase in quality after adopting social sourcing strategies. Further, TalentNow reports that 89% of the organisations plan to recruit on social media. According to 80% of the recruiters of the Fortune 500, social recruitment is highly instrumental in finding passive candidates. By leveraging social mediasocial platformsand social networks for sourcing, we make sure that our clients get the optimal value from social channels before any of their competitors can.

Data-driven approach – Employee Competitive Value

We use advance models to predict the individual competitive value of prospective resources. This data-driven approach enables us to draw deep insights into the value an employee would bring to an organisation. Our proprietary algorithm factors in alma mater, experience, past performance, background verification, NLP, and social profile among other metrics. Thus, we carry out extensive research on each candidate before staffing them. This makes each of our candidates competitive and highly suitable for the desired job profile. 

Sourcing beyond job portals

We use our industry expertise to extend our sourcing reach and intelligence beyond the capabilities of traditional approaches. We go far beyond using traditional job portals as a sourcing tools. We use a combination of unique strategies that are driven by the application of analytical tools and technologies. Thus, we ensure that we go that extra mile to find you the best of the best.

Proactive Talent Engagement

We regularly monitor the developments in the business world with a view to capture ground in the fast-moving manpower space. According to a study by CareerBuilder, over 85% of the most suitable candidates for your job are already employed and are not actively seeking a new job. We tackle this challenge by proactively creating an ‘active talent pool’ in line with your demands, which is then leveraged to enjoy a first-mover advantage. We identify and engage potential candidates through predictive insight into their career conditions, as well as their career ambitions. Through our proactive talent search, companies can be rest assured of the skill-set and talent of each candidate.

Technology and data

We have access to the best platforms. This, together with our expertise in data science and digital marketing, enables us to make sense of the vast amount of data generated in today’s world; source real-time, accurate profiles and ultimately get the best candidates to our clients faster than anyone else. According to a report by TalentNow, over 70% of job seekers are passive candidates. Another statistic in the same report indicates that 72.8% of recruiters are struggling to find the right candidate. Why don’t to try our manpower agency? we will place the right candidates for your organisation.

Our people

We are in the people business, and as such, the ability to attract, develop, enable and retain the very best consultants and managers in our industry is vital to our success. We nurture an exciting and vibrant team and we continuously provide our people with support and equip them with new technologies with a view to make them experts in their fields. We are the leading manpower agency in India.

Extensive Professional Network

We have our reach and extent into to a vast number of leading organisations across IT and non-IT industries. This helps us connect with the who’s who of the business world and use our professional network to provide in-time solutions to our clients.