Qinfosolutios is involved in the business of building tomorrow. It’s not about reading and making sure if you are ready for the job, instead its about deciding where and how you want to get along it and then connecting yourself with the right people – right partners and get you there. Whether its developing solutions that transform your business, helping you find the right fit forour professional ambitions. We are in it with you.

With the excogitate needs and assumption of the work force, conjoined with advancing technological trends, organisations will need to take even extra care over their hiring and recruitment process. As, it is said the right employees are the best foundation for building a batter business. But where to find them???

Job placement agents / consultants, who are also otherwise called as man power recruitment consultants work as a medium between organisations looking to recruit the right talent acquisition and the job seekers, who look for the right and exciting employment opportunities.

Qinfosolutions is based on the principles of honesty and customer satisfaction through its commitment and dedication to excellence in recruitment search. The company prides itself on the areas of recruitment, develop and retain the best talent in the employment industry. Qinfosolutions  has the ability to locate the finest and talented candidates for its clients tht takes the company apart from its competitors in the industry.

Recruitment Agency

Whether you are looking to hire some staff or wanting to be hired, we are here to help in your talent hunt. PACE has the experience and expertise to provide for you the most suitable job or the most suitable employee. We have with us an extensive data material which enables us to dig out a perfect home to satisfy your requirements. Moreover, we are always updated with our lists to increase the number of available suitable jobs for you. We also offer a diverse number of candidates for hire, who specialize in their fields.

HR Solutions

Employees are the face of an organization, enabling it to soar high or fall. You need the best, and Qinfosolutions  it for you! We understand your needs and requirements and provide you with exactly that. Over the years, we have successfully been making available efficient manforce solutions for small, medium or large enterprises, enabling us to understand better the functioning of different fields and sectors. We offer great talent and experienced professionals, according to your business needs. PACE works in your best interest to provide you with your dream job or the appropriate candidate.

Career Consultant

Selecting the right career at the right time is important. Thus, at PACE, we are instrumental in rendering dependable career advising services to the job seekers, fresh graduates, post graduates, or students. As career consultants, we analyze the interests and qualifications of our clients and advice them about their career choices. We help our clients in making the right career decision for a better future.